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Note that there will be no teams at age 10U, 12U, or 13U.



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IMPORTANT: If you have not uploaded your insurance certificate or roster, you must do so before the first game by editing your registration. Simply log in to the GYB site, and follow the dropdown under your user name, select registrations, select the entry you wish to edit, edit roster/insurance section, and save.



Summer Patriots tryouts, ages 9 - 14, will be held at CPW on Friday, Sept. 12 AND Sunday, Sept. 14th

Time slots are as follows:

Friday 9/12:     

11's:  5:00-7:00pm

12's: 7:00-9:00pm

Sunday 9/14:

9's: 8:00-10:00am

10's: 10:00-12:00pm

13's: 1:00-3:00pm

14's: 3:00-5:00pm

We look forward to seeing you there!



GYB greatly values your feedback so that we can continuously improve our programs.

Click on the appropriate House, Summer Patriots or Full-Time Travel link below for the survey of the program(s) in which your son or daughter participated.  Please fill out only one evaluation per family per player.

These  are entirely anonymous and will only be seen by the GYB Board.

We thank you for providing your input. 

GYB 2014 House League Evaluation

GYB 2014 Summer Patriots Evaluation

GYB 2014 Full-time Patriots Evaluation



This year GYB celebrated the 14th year of the Jim Christ Neighbors Helping Neighbors Tournament.  The tournament was created in 2000 to  assist the family of Jim Christ, a long time coach and volunteer with Glenview Youth Baseball who unexpectedly passed away.  Jim had been coaching within GYB for many years and several of his sons were playing in GYB when Jim passed away, leaving behind a wife and 5 children under the age of 12.  Initially, the proceeds of the tournament were donated to help his family but has evolved into much more of a community initiative over the years.  A barbeque picnic is done every year in conjunction at OLPH Church parking lot to raise funds, and proceeds from the tournament are donated as well to the Needy Family Fund to help local families from Glenview and neighboring communities that are facing financial hardship.  It may be due to the death of a loved one that was a income earner for the family, loss of a job, etc.  Funds are given to families to help pay mortgages or rent, utilities, food, clothing, school supplies, etc.  Since the tournament began, GYB has proudly donated over $200,000 from the proceeds of the tournament to the Needy Family Fund to help these families try to make ends meet.


Tournament Champions

Thanks to all the teams who played in the 2014 Jim Christ Memorial Tournament and congratulations to the winners:

9U - Chicago Mudcats

10U - Wheatland Athletic Association

11U - Chicago Mudcats

12U - Wilmette Green

13U - Glenview Patriots Red

14U - Glenview Patriots FT


House League World Series

About GYB

Welcome to Glenview Youth Baseball

Glenview Youth Baseball has offered baseball for more than 50 years to boys and girls from kindergarten to 18 years of age. In 2014, we fielded more than 75 house league teams, more than 15 travel teams, and many fall league teams (for those who can't get enough baseball).

More than 1000 players participated in Glenview Youth Baseball programs in 2014, which is designed to provide a positive learning experience for all of our youth. We emphasize the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and improving our players' and umpires' fundamental skills, and, of course, improving life skills such as winning and losing with class. But above all, participating in our program is just plain fun.

We look forward to the 2015 season!


Full-Time Patriots Discontinued Age 10

There will not be Full Time Patriots offered at 10U for the 2015 baseball season. 

In an effort to promote stronger community baseball for the children of Glenview, the GYB Board has made a decision not to offer the Full Time Patriots program at the 10U level for next season.  This decision does not impact continuing to offer Full Time Patriots Teams at 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U, assuming that there is sufficient interest and talent at each level as they progress through 14U and does not impact the Blaze program.  Additionally, there continues to be no Full Time program for any of the younger ages. 

Final decisions regarding the overall future of the Full Time Patriots program – including whether to offer the program for 11U in 2016 – will be made after assessing the overall impact of the 2015 program changes on GYB.

The mission of Glenview Youth Baseball is “to promote, organize and conduct a baseball program for youth residing in Glenview and neighboring communities.”   Unfortunately, the core of GYB – its House League program, which serves approximately 1,000 Glenview youths each year – has seen an erosion in participation levels over the last several years at all levels.  In an effort to combat this attrition and to keep Glenview kids in the House League, we are attempting to revamp the Travel and House League programs – beginning with this year’s 10U Level. 

During extensive discussions among the Board Members, League Reps, Glenview families, neighboring communities and other constituents regarding how best to continue to provide a strong baseball program for all of Glenview’s youth, many of the reasons behind the House League attrition were discussed – (1) Blaze Players leaving GYB House League, (2) Full Time Patriots players leaving GYB House League, (3) Multiple Blaze/FT Patriots teams at a given level, (4) players leaving for “for-profit” baseball academies, (5) other sports alternatives – lacrosse, etc., (6) focus on out-of-season sports – e.g. hockey in the spring/summer and (7) other interests aside from sports.  

The GYB Board has to balance the interests of its Travel Program along with the interests of its House League.  GYB has heard complaints that the House League is “too much baseball” from some and “not enough baseball” from others.  Complaints regarding the “quality of the House League” have become more prevalent because so many talented Glenview players have left the House League.  This “quality issue” further exacerbates the attrition that we are seeing. 

We are looking to build upon the fun and excitement of this past year’s 9U House League season and playoffs.  All the playoffs games were close, and the kids had fun playing with and against their Glenview friends.  If this year’s program is successful, then the GYB Board will consider rolling it out for future years.  It will take community support and participation to make the program successful.  Below is a brief explanation of the offerings for 10U for the 2015 season. 

There will still be a GYB Blaze team offered for 10U players looking for an elite full-time Glenview-based baseball program.  Blaze players would not play House League.  More information on the Glenview Blaze Program can be found here: http://www.glenviewblazebaseball.com.  There will be a Blaze Open House on Thursday, August 14 from 7:30-9:00 PM at the Blaze Facility (1919 Pickwick, Glenview) at which players and families can obtain more information regarding the Blaze Program. 

The second team of 10U players will be an “A Team” called “Patriots Navy” and will have a schedule that is similar to what has historically been “Full Time Patriots.”  The Patriots Navy team will have a paid manager and will practice during the winter once a week.  The Patriots Navy team will play in an appropriate number of tournaments over the course of the season, which will be worked around House League and Patriots games.  There will be a few key differences from the historical Full Time Patriots Program.  All Patriots Navy players will play in the GYB House League and will play in the Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League (LSFBL) as opposed to the MSBL.  The Patriots Navy season will start around the beginning of May and will run concurrently with the GYB House League season and finish with the LSFBL playoffs near the end of July.  The GYB Scheduler will ensure that there are not overlapping House League and Patriots games for these players.  A Patriots Navy player will play approximately the same number of total games during season (with similar games per week frequency) as a 10U Full Time Patriots player would have played historically. 

Additional 10U Patriots teams will be formed based on the interest and talent level of players.  These teams will be formed on a “waterfall” basis with the next most-talented set of 12 players (based on tryouts and coach evaluations) playing on a “B level” team, and potentially a fourth team also formed at a B/C level, developmental level or as a tournament team, depending upon the talent and interest level.  There were a number of complaints from families this year regarding the B-level Patriots teams having too much disparity in the talent levels among the players on the teams, so GYB is trying to address that concern.  The Patriots teams (aside from Patriots Navy, which will have more winter training) will have winter training that is similar to the historical Summer Patriots program, will not have a paid manager, and will play in an appropriate number of tournaments that are scheduled to work with the players’ House League and LSFBL schedule.  Players on these teams will also play in the House League with a manageable Travel/House concurrent schedule.  These players will play in the LSFBL in the appropriate division based on the teams’ talent levels and LSFBL division availability.   

In order to make the House League schedule more manageable for GYB players who play other sports, the season will include only one House League game per week and one practice.  The House League season will last until the end of June with playoffs occurring during the first couple of weeks of July.  As noted above, this schedule will be workable with the Patriots program.

Our hope is that the community will get behind these efforts to keep community baseball strong in Glenview and that the vast majority of kids will continue to play in the House League and GYB Patriots travel programs.  Without community buy-in, we cannot have a strong House League or Travel Program.  GYB believes that a strong House League in which kids are playing with and against their classmates and buddies from Glenview best fulfills its core mission.  We hope that the community will support these efforts and continue to provide feedback as the program is rolled out. 

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