Pinto 7 Division (7U)


The Pinto 7 level of Spring House League is a co-ed baseball league for players at the 7U level.  Players in this league must be 7 years old prior to September 1st of the same year they intend to play.

Games are typically played from April through June on Saturday mornings.

Pinto 7 Division Rules

(a) Coaches will pitch the entire season.
(b) Coaches will pitch from the pitching rubber.
(a) A continuous batting order shall be used. Changing the batting order every game is encouraged.
(b) An inning will end after 3 outs or one time through the batting order, whichever comes first.
(c) Coaches will pitch a maximum of 6 pitches to each batter. If the batter does not put the ball in play on or before the 6th pitch, a tee will be placed at home plate and the batter will hit off the tee.
(d) All balls hit in or through the infield are limited to one base.
(e) If a ball is hit into the outfield (grass area) on a fly, the batter is allowed as many bases as he/she can get. Hits in the outfield off a tee are limited to one base. 
(f) No bases are allowed on overthrows.
(a) All players will play defensively each inning. Rotating players into new positions every inning is encouraged, and during the course of the season each player should have played every position.
(b) Only 7 infielders are allowed (pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base and a short-center, who plays on or near second base).
(c) All other players should play in the outfield (grass area).
(d) Coaches may stand in the outfield to instruct their players.
Bat Regulations
Bats may not exceed 33 inches in length and may not exceed 2 ¼ inches in barrel diameter. The weight differential (i.e., drop) may not exceed -12. Metal and alloy bats must have a BPF of 1.15 or less. Composite barreled bats meeting these requirements will be allowed if they are approved for Little League play as evidenced by a stamp on the bat. Wood bats meeting the length and width requirement are allowed.
(a) Game Length.
A new inning may not be started after 1 ¼ hours. The time limit shall not include weather-related delays.
(b) Scorekeeping is discouraged.