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Mini Tournament Schedule is Posted

By GYB, 05/10/18, 1:30PM CDT


Mini Tournament Information

Glenview Youth Baseball's house Mini Tournament is a weekend-long event for GYB House League teams in the Mustang 9, 10 and Bronco divisions.  Shetland, Pinto and Pony divisions do not participate.

The Mini Tournament provides house league players the opportunity to compete in a round robin tournament against their friends and classmates.  The tournament typically takes place in late May.  Typically three games are guaranteed.  The top four teams will advance to a single-elimination playoff.

Trophies are awarded to the tournament champs at each age level.

Mini Tournament Rules


  • Max 1 inning per game
  • Max 4 total innings for tournament (Mustang)
  • Max 5 total innings for tournament (Bronco)


  • 1-1 Count (Championship Game begins with 0-0 count)

Game Length

  • 4 innings


  • Each player must play 1 inning at an infield position in each game.

Time Limit 

  • 1 hour, 10 minutes
  • Game is official after 1 hour, 10 minutes even if did not play 4 innings (and cannot start a new inning after 1 hour, 10 minutes).
  • No time limit for Championship Game.

Mandatory Courtesy Runner

  • (Catchers only) 1 out

Pool Play

  • No extra innings


  1. Winning Percentage
  2. Head To Head
  3. Runs Allowed
  4. Run Differential
  5. Coin Flip

Single Elimination

  • No ties; top 4 teams from each division advance to single elimination.

Tie-Breaker System

  • If an elimination game is tied after all innings have been completed (or at a time limit), the "California" tie-breaker rule will go into effect.  The batter who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half of the inning starts on second base and a full inning plays out.

Reporting Scores

  • Winning managers should report scores promptly to their GYB League Rep.


  • Please e-mail photos from the Mini Tournament to Steve Rasmussen at for possible inclusion on the GYB website.


Steve Rasmussen

Sponsorship, Patriots Travel, Skills Competition

Phone: 312-267-5177

2018 Tournament

Dates: May 19 - 20
Times: All day
Location: Westbrook Fields

Mustang 9 - Dodgers

Mustang 10 - Nationals

Bronco - Tigers