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A FREE Event Open to All GYB Registrants

Pitch, Hit, & Run   (

MLB Pitch, Hit & Run (PHR) is a FREE, 1-day event for kids ages 7-14.  PHR is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball.   Participants have the opportunity to advance through four levels of competition including, local, sectionals, team championships and the NATIONAL FINALS during MLB All-Star week.  More info to come!

Home Run Derby  (

Major League Baseball® Jr. Home Run Derby™ (Jr.HRD) provides players across the country an opportunity to participate in an exciting home run derby contest. Jr.HRD™ is a FREE national program for boys and girls 14 years of age and under. The program includes three levels of competition, with top performers from the Local level advancing to Regional level and ultimately, the National Finals prior to the Major League Baseball® Home Run Derby™ during MLB® All-Star Week.™  There will be 2 age groups  12U and 14U.

Steve Rasmussen

Head Manager, League Rep Mustang 10

Phone: 312-267-5177


Print these documents and bring the completed forms with you to the event.


Thank you to all who came out to the first ever GYP Pitch Hit and Run & Home Run Derby contest.  A big congrats to the HR champs and PHR winners!

HR Derby Winners

12u Charlie Steil

14u Justin Leszynski

Pitch, Hit & Run Winners

Ages 7/8
All-Around Champ - Walden Agustin Jr.
Hit Champ - Caleb Nelson
Pitch Champ - Walden Agustin Jr.
Run Champ - Connor McPherson

Ages 9/10 
All-Around Champ - Nicholas Simon
Hit Champ - Jacob Cramer
Pitch Champ - Connor Riley
Run Champ - Jalen Moraga

Ages 11/12
All-Around Champ - Nick Davis
Hit Champ - Luke Marino
Pitch Champ - Noah Herman
Run Champ - Collin Davis

Ages 13/14
All-Around Champ - James Sherman
Hit Champ - James Sherman
Pitch Champ - James Sherman
Run Champ - James Sherman