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Patriots Overview

Summer Patriots is GYB's summer travel baseball program. Teams can be formed at the 8U through 14U level if there is enough talent at each age level. Training generally begins in January for all teams with the travel season starting in  May.  Patriot teams play in the Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League (LSFBL) and participate in local tournaments (April - July). The season ends in late July. 

GYB  typically offers multiple Summer Patriots Teams across all age groups (8u-14u) with the teams being split into A, B and C levels. All teams will play in the LSFBL based upon talent levels as determined by GYB and independent evaluators.  The top level teams will have the opportunity for a paid independent manager.  

In addition to the traditional Memorial Day Tourney and Jim Christ Memorial in Glenview, teams will be able to register into both local as well as an out of town tournament of their choice as well as have paid coaches if desired as previously mentioned.  GYB will provide off-season indoor training with paid independent instructors in February, March, and April.  Participation in the off-season training is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged for the improvement and betterment of the players.

All Patriot White (B) and Blue (C) players are required to participate in the GYB Spring House League.  For Red (A) level players, playing in our House league is optional. 


Tryouts for 2026 Patriots teams are on TBD for July 2024. A registration link will be available by June 2024.

Tryouts generally consist of several skill assessments, these have included but are not limited to:

  • A timed running sprint
  • Batting practice
  • Fly-ball fielding in RF followed by a throw to 3B
  • Ground-ball fielding at SS followed by a throw to 1B
  • Pitching

Assessments are conducted by outside evaluators who are not affiliated with GYB.  Click HERE to learn more about the Patriot team selection process.


The cost to participate in the Patriot travel program varies by age group and even by team within age groups.  The cost of equipment, off-season training, coaches and tournaments vary for each team and factor into the total cost to play.

Due to the variability of cost from year to year GYB cannot determine final costs until after teams are formed.

Historically, the fees to participate in the Patriot summer travel program have been in the following ranges.  Please note that these are approximations and do not necessarily represent the cost for the upcoming season.

8U 2 or 3 equal teams July $1095
9U 1 team each: A, B, C July $1150 (B/C), $1395 (A)
10U 1 team each: A, B, C July $1175 (C), $1885 (B), $2075 (A)
11U 1 team each: A, B, C July $1550 (C), $1895 (B), $2025 (A)
12U 1 team each: A, B, C July $2175 (C), $3450 (B)*, $3650 (A)*
13U 1 team each: A, B, C July $1950 (C), $2050 (B), $2250 (A)
14U 1 team each: A, B, C July $1750 (C), $2435 (B), $2575 (A)

*12U Red 12U White will travel to Cooperstown for national year-end tournament.

Apply to Coach

Glenview Youth Baseball is always looking for qualified paid coaches.  League and tournament schedules are flexible.

Game Action - 11U Patriot Blue

9U LSFBL Tournament Champs

Patriot 14 Champs of Experience the Turf Tournament in Wheeling